In Other Waters – Game Review

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It’s a gorgeous and minimalistic 2D exploration adventure type of game. Full of magnificent music, beautiful art style, that will immerse you on an underwater journey through a wonderfully designed user interface.

What is In Other Waters?

In Other Waters, you get to experience the story as artificial intelligence of a diving suit. An exciting approach to game design that allows you to take part in the narrative from the second seat, but you are still in front of the action!

The game is not for fast-paced action shooter fans. But more for people who are looking to take a relaxing, profound, and exciting exploration journey on the alien planet. Imagining them self’s deep underwater, traveling in undiscovered worlds and following the mysteries.


You start from a cleverly designed tutorial. And bit by, you are traveling across the reefs, discovering new alien species in the alien planet, gathering specimens, and observing the beautiful minimalistic landscapes.

The game story begins with a mysterious log message, and during the length of the game, you get to find and reveal what has happened to you and why someone left you behind. You get to play the role of a specialized AI that communicates with xenobiologist Dr. Ellery Vas only using text messages. And you take control of the quest not only to explore the alien planet Gliese 677Cc but also and find her colleague scientist, Minae Nomura.

Analyzing templates In Other Waters.


Gameplay mechanics are rather simple. You scan the environment using radar to find the next point to hop on to. Once the location point gets revealed, using directional control, you can set in which the way you want to go. The scanner also shows the information about location points and various species you can discover.

The game world placed in a 2D plane, but you can go up and down diving deeper to explore caves. There are also strong ocean currents that act like sort of rivers you must cross to get to some destination.

All these simple tools, “In Other Waters,” allows exploration and discovery. You are traveling in reefs, collecting samples, interacting with Dr. Ellery Vas, visiting underwater stations, reading taxonomy about all the discovered species.

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I enjoyed my underwater travels “In Other Waters,” but sometimes got lost, and was going in circles. Because once out there in the wild traveling, no direction are made available. Of course, this adds some adventure to exploration but also is a bit frustrating at times.

The game is relaxing and soothing — quite an excellent way to dive in and relax after a stressful day.

The script is well written. It feels like you are not playing a game, but reading and exploring an interactive story — every item in the game described in a few short sentences. The game provides observations, behavior analysis, theories, and sketches for every species. At times all this felt like I was reading a book and not playing a game, which of course, is a great thing!

The game gets TarantuloTV’s recommendation.